About PearlConvert

PearlConvert saw the light of day during the spring of 2015, then known as Convert. Since then, we have been on a remarkable journey, driven by a tremendous commitment to learning and continuous improvement. Today, PearlConvert stands firmly as a leading professional environment in digital commerce and technology in the Nordics. We are now more than 130 skilled employees across 3 countries, and we are honoured to work with some of the most exciting customers in the industry.

In 2022, we became part of Pearl Group, one of the Nordics' largest partners in business systems (ERP), digital commerce, insight, loyalty & CRM.

Built on a simple ideology

We believe that if you are able to create something you are proud of, while also having fun doing it, you really work in a great place! And that's something which is really important to us. We are convinced that putting together great minds, will result in the creation of incredible things. We are also convinced that one will do an even better job when smiling.

This is why we have made sure to hire clever, skilled, and just as important - nice people! And we believe that our clients notice the value of this as well.

Our vision:

To create the best digital commerce experiences in the Nordics (and maybe in the world)!

Certified at the highest level.

We do really believe that being nice is important, but we also need to ensure that we have the right competence in place. This is precisely why we are qualified and certified at the highest level, so that our customers will feel confident that our skilled employees are able to solve even the toughest technical challenges.

We are not a supplier, 

we are a partner.


Creating great digital commerce experiences isn't necessarily a walk in the park, which is why many don't succeed at it. It requires vast knowledge and competence in several disciplines, as well as good collaboration. We don't view ourselves as a supplier, because we don't simply deliver a solution and wish the client good luck. Instead, we believe that creating good solutions requires us to work closely with our clients, and understanding our clients' and their users' goals, wants and challenges.

Economic development


PearlConvert has had an amazing journey since it's inception, and has grown in turnover, clients and employees every year.

The spring of 2022, Convert became part of Pearl Group, one of the Nordics' leading IT partners within business systems (ERP) and eCommerce. As a part of Pearl Group, we became PearlConvert and it strengthened us both professionally and financially, and we are now better equipped than ever to grow even faster and better. With PearlConvert we could also add over 60 new and very skilled colleagues, as well as expanding our range of services with an entirely separate department within Loyalty, CX and CRM.

What's it like being our client?

As one of our clients you can expect:

  • An experienced and reliable partner specialized in digital commerce, who has probably encountered many of your challenges through previous projects.
  • A partner who challenges you, comes up with new ideas, wants to be challenged back - and that dares asking stupid questions. Questions such as for example "Why should the customer shop with you?".
  • Experts and consultants who enjoy sharing their experiences and knowledge, and really want to understand your challenges - so we can solve them together.
  • That we are open and transparent, and that we expect the same from you. We believe that the only way to succeed is for us all to be on the same team, heading in the same direction.
  • An informal and easygoing group that believes that everyone should be heard in the collaboration.
  • Enthusiastic and dedicated people who really want to help you reach the next level.

About Pearl Group

PearlConvert became a part of Pearl Group the spring of 2022. Pearl Group is a leading IT-partner in business solutions (ERP) and digital commerce in the Nordics, and is the largest SAP partner in Norway.

Pearl Group was established in 2006, and is owned by Norvestor og the employees. The company has experienced 20-25% growth the past 5 years, with a turnover of 484 MNOK in 2021. Pearl Group now has more than 330 employees, across offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lativa, Singapore, Poland and Ukraine.

Eager to learn more?

Get in touch with Torkel, CEO of PearlConvert. He has an extensive experience within digital commerce, both from the supplier and client side. Among other things, he has been responsible for all the stores in Norway's largest cosmetics chain, as well as building Norway's largest customer club. 

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