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PearlConvert is a leading professional environment in user experience and conversion optimization for online shopping. Throughout the years we've been fortunate to work with many talented customers, carried out hundreds of user tests, customer interviews, and several surveys such as for example eye tracking surveys. Through this extensive experience, we have built a really unique expertise on how to build good digital commerce solutions that sell. 

It's all about insights 


If good decisions are to be made, they must be based on insights. Anyone can shoot blindly and give their opinion on how an online store should be, but few have the insights and data to really give good advice. We have that. 

In all projects, we run an insight phase where we dwelve deep into customer behaviour, what customer journeys are like, competitiveness, industry and products. We carry out user tests, qualitative in-depth interviews, data analyses, surveys and behavioral analyses. Everything to understand how we can facilitate a better customer experience and increased sales. 

We have done this for years and for several large eCommerce players, which has enabled us to build unique insights across online stores, industries and customer types. We now easily see patterns that are impossible to recognize if you analyze an isolated online store. We understand connections that were previously impossible to understand. We see how the difference between high and low involvement purchases has implications for many elements in an online store. We see how users relate differently to USPs, navigation or shipping in different types of online stores. We have learned that a product page that is perfect for one online store can really be a disaster for another. By combining our general insight with more specific insight we gather during a project, we get the best possible starting point for creating a good online store. 

This enables us to make good decisions together with our customers, decisions that lead to increased sales and increased customer satisfaction.  

Conversion optimization


Most of what is done, implemented or changed, related to an online store actually aims to increase conversion, shopping cart size, traffic or the repurchase rate. But when talking about conversion optimization or CRO, one usually refer to the ongoing process of experimentation and optimization. This is an important phase where one should validate the choices made in a project, but also continuously test and optimize the solution to create an iterative increase in goal achievement.   

We help our customers to carry out optimization processes, and we assist in all stages of this process including technical implementation and execution of A/B tests. 


So what can we help you with? 


We do everything from pure consultancy projects where we assist online shops in improving the user experience and conversion rate, to carrying out complete UX processes related to platform changes. We can also help you with an analysis of the current online store to get an overview of areas for improvement, and the creation of a strategy to improve the user experience and goal achievement. 


If you have questions like... 


  • Do we have a good conversion rate today?
  • Are there too few people who complete the purchase after they have added a product to the cart?
  • Which payment solutions should we use, or which shipping options should we have?
  • How can we get more users to add a product to the cart?
  • Which features should we prioritize in the online store to increase sales?
  • How can we increase the average size of the shopping cart?
  • How do we get more loyal customers?

...then you will probably appreciate and learn a lot by talking with one of our experts.

Eager to learn more?

Get in touch with Markus! He knows quite a bit about eCommerce - oh, and he's quite nice to talk with as well!

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