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Our experienced specialists help businesses increase engagement, visibility and conversions through data-driven, creative and strategic input, as well as executing and delivering on it.

Increase visibility and get more conversions

Our eCommerce and performance marketing specialists advise, run courses and help operationally with the optimization of websites and digital marketing. Our skilled resources can be hired either short- or long-term, depending on your team and business needs. 
We help building your brand as strong as possible, by ensuring good experiences and visibility throughout the entire customer journey, from when a need arises, through the research phase and right up to conversion.

Overview of our services

eCommerce Managers for hire

Hire an eCommerce consultant to help your company and online store both on a strategic and operational level. We can assist in periods of understaffing, when you need someone to lead the eCommerce team, or simply need some professional input.

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Digital marketers
for hire

Get guidance and expertise from our performance marketing specialists, to be able to both improve visibility and conversions, organically and paid! Within the team we have experts on Google Ads, social media, display & banner ads, as well on search engine optimization (SEO).

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Insight, analysis and goals

Our eCommerce and performance marketers help with everything from analysis of the online store and digital marketing, to definition of KPIs, and setting up reports for you and your team. We also offer training in analysis tools such as Google Analytics.  

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CTA pil fra venstre til høyre

Course and training

We provide training in systems such as Adobe Commerce / Magento and CMS tools such as Page Builder, Pimcore and more. We also offer courses in tools such as Algolia, Nosto, Clerk, Lipscore, Yotpo, etc., as well as on analysis and reporting tools such as Google Analytics & Looker Studio.

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We chose to hire one of PearlConvert's eCommmerce specialists as eCom manager at Bjørklund Norge AS for a period of well over a year, during which we upgraded and improved our online store. The consultant did a very good job of preparing all processes in the transition to the new platform, as well as operating and driving the turnover of our online store in a positive direction. During this period, we experienced very good growth in our online store. 
We at Bjørklund Norge AS would recommend hiring PearlConvert's eCommerce specialists during periods when you need an interim resource, or to get new perspectives and input on your online store


- Vibeke Holann, Head of Market and Digital at Bjørklund Norge AS

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