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Our experienced specialists help businesses increase engagement, visibility and conversions through data-driven, creative and strategic input, as well as executing and delivering on it.

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We know performance - and digital marketing! Our eCommerce marketing specialists help you build your brand as strong as possible, by ensuring good experiences and visibility throughout the entire customer journey - from when a need arises, through the research phase and right up to conversion.

Our SEM/Paid specialists guide you, for example, on how to sell more effectively through the Google, Microsoft or Meta universe and more, and our SEO specialists advice you on how to achieve increased organic visibility on search engines.

Digital marketing is constantly changing and there are more marketing channels to choose from than ever before. We help you navigate the jungle! It can be super challenging to keep up with the developments, and to know which channels are best suited for different purposes and steps in the customer journey. What is the most beneficial channel mix to best meet and engage your customers to purchase, or to take the desired action? This is exactly what our digital marketers will guide you on! Our specialists can also take responsibility for ongoing monitoring and optimization directly through the various digital marketing channel platforms.

If you need assistance on digital marketing, contact us and we will help you succeed!

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SEO, Organic Search

SEO is about making websites visible to Google and other search engines so that potential customers can find exactly your website.

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SEM, Paid Search

Become visible with Google and Microsoft Ads so that potential customers can easily find your company, products or services.

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SoMe, Social Media

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a powerful tool for businesses to engage customers, drive sales and build brand awareness.

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Video & Display

Reach the right target audience and communicate your messages effectively with banner ads in various formats.

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eCommerce Managers for hire

Hire an eCom Manager! We assist with management of the eCom team, during periods of understaffing, or if you need professional input.

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Digital marketers
for hire

We offer experts in paid search (SEM), organic search (SEO), SoMe marketing (SMM) and display/banner advertising.

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Insights, analysis & objectives

We assist with all from analysis of your eCommerce and digital marketing, to the definition of KPIs/goals, and setting up reports.

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Courses & training

Get training on eCom platforms such as Adobe Commerce, CMS tools as Page Builder/Pimcore, 3rd party AI-tools, and on analytics and reporting tools.

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We chose to hire one of PearlConvert's eCommmerce specialists as eCom manager at Bjørklund Norge AS for a period of well over a year, during which we upgraded and improved our online store. The consultant did a very good job of preparing all processes in the transition to the new platform, as well as operating and driving the turnover of our online store in a positive direction. During this period, we experienced very good growth through our online store. 
We at Bjørklund Norge AS would recommend hiring PearlConvert's eCommerce specialists during periods when you need an interim resource, or to get new perspectives and input on your eCommerce business.


- Vibeke Holann, Head of Market and Digital at Bjørklund Norge AS

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