We are proud of all our clients and projects. On this page, we have highlighted some of those you may have heard of before, or of which we are particularly proud.

Eplehuset | Highlighted clients and projects | PearlConvert

PearlConvert delivers complete ecommerce solutions, competing with giants. From consultancy to implementation, we elevate leading businesses like Eplehuset.

Norli | Highlighted clients and projects | PearlConvert

Norli, Norway's largest bookstore, excels with a successful PearlConvert omnichannel strategy. Experience their digital transformation and thriving success.

IDÉ House of Brands | Clients and projects | PearlConvert

IDÉ House of Brands is the Nordic's largest B2B suppliers, and one of the most demanding and interesting ecommerce clients PearlConvert has ever worked with.

Sunkost | Highlighted clients and projects | PearlConvert

Sunkost, Norway's oldest healthfood chain, with a hundred stores and 30 years of experience. Uniting physical stores and digital commerce with PearlConvert.

Floyd | Highlighted clients and projects | PearlConvert

Floyd is inspiring digital commerce leaders in Norway's market. PearlConvert help these innovators share industry experiences, sparking inspiration among many.

Apotera | Highlighted clients and projects | PearlConvert

Apotera is a thriving online pharmacy who challenges industry giants. This award-winning newcomer are aiming for 250M by 2023 with PearlConvert. Read more.

Rimi Baltic | Highlighted clients - projects | PearlConvert

Rimi Baltic implemented a Groceries E-commerce solution with home delivery, click & collect and drive-in together with Pearl. Read the PearlConvert case study!

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