PIM & DAM helps to streamline and structure the work of updating, maintaining and using product information and digital media files.


Good product information is in many ways the very core of digital commerce, and good product data and digital media files are a prerequisite for achieving good results with eCommerce. PIM & DAM simplifies and streamlines the work of structuring and maintaining product data and digital media across systems, channels and processes. Our advisers have extensive experience with various platforms, and believe in adapting the solutions to the customers, not the systems. 

Do you have questions like...

  • How can work with product information be made more efficient, across systems and channels? 

  • How to get the suppliers to deliver faster and better product information? 

  • How to work better and more efficiently with digital media files, documents and images? 

  • How to ensure correct and up-to-date product information across languages and markets? 

  • Do we have enough product information today? 

  • How should product information be structured and presented on product pages to increase the likelihood of sales? 

    ...then you should definitely get in touch and talk with one of our experts! 

Product Information Management (PIM)

Our PIM experts are far above average involved in product data, mainly because product information is so critical to a company. However, the work to ensure great product information can unfortunately often be experienced as very cumbersome and ineffective, because registration, enrichment and channel adaptation is challenging.   

A "Product Information Management" system, or PIM system, helps to solve precisely such challenges, because it provides control over all the product data and streamlines work with product enrichment. Read more about PIM and who it is suitable for here.


User-friendly product enrichment

A PIM system is the starting point for solving the challenges encountered in working with product information, but to be able to utilize the opportunities PIM offers, training and adaptation to the individual customer is required.   

Our PIM experts contribute with the development of good processes, structuring and organization of product data. This to make the work as efficient and user-friendly as possible for our customers. Our specialists start with a discovery phase to explore the customer's process, map and understand needs and work methodology. They then contribute by further developing the process, implementing and adapting the PIM system to the customer's process. 

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Many people experience that digital media files are stored and handled in different ways within the company, and that they are stored in different systems according to different routines and structures across departments. Work involving digital media can be perceived as not clear and time-consuming.   

With a DAM system, or "Digital Asset Management" system, all digital media can be centralized in one system, so that you have an overview and control of all media. A common system and structure independent of departments and channels simplifies the work of finding, sharing, adapting and using media in different channels. Read more about DAM here.


So, what can we help you with?

  • Implementation of PIM & DAM 

  • Structuring of data 

  • Optimization of processes adapted to the individual customer and workflow 

  • Optimization against suppliers of product information 

  • Advice on the use and presentation of data 

  • User guide, courses & training 

  • Follow-up and further development 

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