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Good product information is becoming more and more important, and with ever-increasing requirements for functionality and seamless trading, the complexity of the technical solutions also increases and the product information is used by more and more systems. A PIM system gives you control over the product data and streamlines product enrichment. 

In order to succeed in creating a relevant customer journey in line with the market you operate in, the channels you choose and the customers you want to reach, it is critical that you both have control over and can work effectively throughout the entire product life cycle. 
Unfortunately, everyday life for many in digital commerce is characterized by the fact that media is fragmented across the organization and systems, while product information is both cumbersome to register, enrich and adapt to channel and customer group. 
Pimcore is an enterprise open-source platform that consists of a portfolio of products specifically developed to handle these challenges. The company was established in Austria in 2010 and since then has won a number of awards for its innovative and flexible solution, which is today used by over 100,000 companies worldwide, including SONY, IKEA, Burger King, Pepsi and Intersport.

PearlConvert have over the last 6+ years been an instrumental part of Pimcore’s success in the Norwegian market. As an experienced digital commerce agency they have mastered the use of MDM, PIM, DAM and CMS and have demonstrated dedication and ability to deliver great value for their clients.

Christian Kemptner, Marketing & Partner Management


Master Data Management

With Pimcore MDM, you have a common platform as a central hub for all relevant data structured according to a very flexible data model that is adapted to your needs, even with millions of products and thousands of attributes, you get control of hierarchy, structure, validation, version control, descriptions, translations, documentation, attributes, dashboards and reports to name a few. 
Since Pimcore is an open-source platform, you are free to adapt it to your needs and since it is API-driven, we can integrate it across systems you use today and will use in the future. 
It gives you the opportunity to streamline time-to-market and reduce internal resources associated with the creation and maintenance of product data. For example, by integrating with suppliers so that data is transferred automatically, importing data from suppliers that cannot be integrated or giving the supplier limited access to the platform so that they can register data for you.


Product Information Management 

Our experience is that you are typically stuck in a situation where the ERP system handles core data in a good way, but is too rigid to handle the product enrichment and media as desired. This means that responsibility is pushed over to an e-commerce platform such as Magento, for example, which can be more flexible, but correspondingly inefficient in relation to the continuous work required by enriching and maintaining products. Particularly challenging for players who have a large product catalogue, are present in several markets or work both B2C and B2B. 
With Pimcore PIM, you streamline your company's process across departments while adapting the product information to each individual country, market or channel.


With Pimcore PIM you get


  • PIM gives you control over product information and facilitates higher data quality regardless of channel

  • Faster time-to-market for products in all channels 

  • Full control over all product information, media and digital sources

  • Efficient, streamlined process where you collaborate to create and enrich products

  • Low TCO with open-source without license costs 

  • Modern API-driven platform that integrates with Magento Open Source, Adobe Commerce and their internal ERP system

  • Open Source - Adapts the solution to their needs, not the other way around 

  • Complete control over the entire product range for all markets and brands, in multiple languages

  • No proprietary lock-in gives you control over your own solution 

  • Perfect starting point for a Headless Commerce strategy

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