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We manage, optimize and further develop eCommerce solutions with a turnover of several billion annually.

Your company is unique, and so is the solution

Your strategic choices, carefully planned customer journey and integrated systems make your digital commerce unique, therefore it must also be taken care of as such. All major companies that have both commercial success, and successful operational activity have more than an online store platform to take care of.   

Any modern e-commerce is a separate ecosystem of several layers of services that depend on each other to function optimally. For example, it may be integrated with an ERP for faster order processing from a central warehouse, integrated with POS in store for Click & Collect, and  implemented an internal search engine and personalization service to increase the user experience. The result is a better solution for you and your customers, but increased complexity also places higher demands on the management of the solution over time.

Management & support

We take responsibility for application management of all eCommerce and PIM solutions we have developed together with our customers. A management agreement ensures that you have a dedicated project manager, and a dedicated team from PearlConvert who knows your solution in depth from the development phase, and who will now be responsible for the management going forward.   

You also have access to a responsive support department which, depending on the level of the service agreement, has a guaranteed response time and handling of critical inquiries in less than 1 hour, 24/7-365. This department works dedicatedly to answer user questions, prevent potential errors, correct errors, upgrade the platform and ensure that you have a stable solution over time.   

We use acknowledged external server services such as Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean and Adobe Commerce Cloud which ensure a high degree of stability, security and scalability for our customers. We use several tools for monitoring, logging, security and diagnostics that help us to both prevent potential errors and ensure quick clarification. 

Further development

When we launch a new project, it is one of many important milestones in what is a longer collaboration with continuous further development and optimization.   

Your project manager will continue to be your primary point of contact for all planned development tasks going forward and you have access to a dedicated interdisciplinary team that includes, among other things, a UX designer, solution architect, eCommerce advisors and developers. 

So what can we help you with?

  • Support 24/7-365 

  • Hosting 

  • Application management

  • Further development 

  • Optimization of eCommerce platform 

  • Courses & training 

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