Customer Engagement

We have the solutions, tools and expertise in marketing, personalization, loyalty, sales and service so that you can understand, engage and activate your customers - and have full control over the entire customer journey.

Customer engagement throughout the customer journey

Having control over the entire customer journey is the way to loyal customer relationships, more customers and increased sales. But at the same time, we see that the customer journey is becoming more and more complex with more channels to take into account, the customer's expectations are getting higher and preferences are more important than before. And it’s important to keep up!

Increasing complexity also increases the need for smart tools that make it easier to support the customer throughout the entire customer journey. By understanding the customer's life cycle, behaviour, commitment and potential, you can reach out with the right message, to the right person, at the right time. 

Our specialists can contribute with solutions, tools and knowledge that tell you where to invest time and effort to achieve your goals. We offer advice and solutions within, among other things, marketing & loyalty, personalization tools, customer service tools, sales tools and customer data platforms. 

Marketing automation & loyalty

By collecting the customer data and behavior from various channels into a unified customer profile, you can use segmentation and predictive analyzes to act on the customer's behavior, using automated marketing campaigns with personalized messages in the channels your customers are in. This contributes to loyal customer relationships and makes you more effective as marketer. When you have the right tool and sufficient customer data, you have the possibiloity to focus on optimization and measuring results. 

Personalization tools

We consumers accept to give information about ourselves with the expectation of getting personalized content back, and at least not having be presented what is not relevant. This can be in the form of product recommendations, content, search and offers specially adapted to me, which adjust as I change my behaviour, show different interests and become more loyal. We often see that we do not get as much personalization in return as what we have given in terms of information. Customers expect you to use the data you've been given, and with the right system, it will give you great value. 

Customer service tools

Increase customer loyalty and drive business growth by delivering excellent customer service across all channels where customers are located, with tools that drive profitable customer service. Use intelligent technologies that reduce time and improve employee satisfaction and performance with the help of easy-to-use tools. 

Sales tools

Allow your sales organization to spend more time building relationships and engaging with customers. We have the tools to empower your teams to sell anytime, anywhere, and to get the right insights at the right time. Now you can streamline and automate critical sales processes with Salesforce automation and empower salespeople with intelligent recommendations. 

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Centralize the identification and collection of customer data in a system that handles the process from identification, obtaining consents and preferences, to the collection and consolidation of all customer data across all systems and channels, so you can create a hyper-personalized customer experience. 

So, what can we help you with?

  • Advice

  • Marketing plans

  • Sales strategy

  • Customer journeys

  • System, technology and integrations

  • Implementation and setup

  • Hands-on marketing/CRM consultants

  • Training

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