Strategy and consulting

We assist with the development and implementation of digital commerce strategies.

Everything starts with a detailed plan which clearly clarifies what needs to be done - and perhaps even more importantly, what does not need to be done. It's about making good choices so that you have room to do the right things correctly. 

Digital commerce is an area in rapid development! This makes it increasingly challenging and it is easy to get lost. Our team have an extensive experience gained from more than 50 different customers across almost all industries. At PearlConvert you won't meet newly graduated economists in fancy suits. We provide an experienced team that have led and delivered several large digital commerce solutions projects. A team whom have really seen the movie before. We will not work for 3,000 hours to deliver 200 flashy slides, but rather focus on value generation and prioritization. We truly believe that a good strategy is about putting yourself in the best possible position to deliver what your customers expect in digital commerce. 

Our range of services related to strategy
  • Development of digital strategies

  • Digital transformation and change management

  • Value chain analyses

  • Development of customer journeys

  • System and technology choice

  • Organization and development

  • Sparring and troubleshooting with decision makers

Our range of services related to advice and operational assistance
  • Operational assistance within the entire digital commerce field

  • eCommerce Management for hire for short and longer periods

  • Setup and optimization of analysis tools and onsite tools

  • Implementation of defined solutions such as customer club or onsite products

  • CRO optimization

  • UX Evaluation

  • Development and implementation of KPIs

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