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The world's largest ecosystem in e-commerce in the last 10 years does not seem to be slowing down the pace of development. With Adobe as the owner, they are increasing their momentum and for the fourth year in a row (2020) they have been named Leader in digital commerce by both Gartner and Forrester Research, regardless of your focus is B2C or B2B.  

Adobe, one of the world's largest software companies, bought the e-commerce platform Magento in 2018. Today we have two variants of the popular platform, Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce, read more about the differences between the two options here. 

Both Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce can be used as the core of a Headless Commerce solution based on modern composable architecture, read more about this here.

Magento is the platform for you who run a medium-sized company where digital commerce is essential or for you with a smaller but ambitious company where you are already preparing your company for the growth that will come. 

Why do so many choose Magento? 


Magento has been the most dominant ecommerce platform in Norway for companies that sell physical goods digitally, here are some of the most important reasons why so many have chosen Magento as their platform. 


The market leader 

When you have 260,000 online stores and are named as the market's best solution year after year by recognized publications and you are one of the most important platforms for so many other technologies within ecommerce (eg: payment), it is natural that it only increases momentum further. In other words, the industry's answer to the old expression "nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM". 


The platform is, as the name suggests, based on open source code. It gives you as a customer and us as an agency the opportunity to develop and adapt the solution exactly as you want. 

To be competitive in digital commerce, you have to meet the customer's expectations and their attitude is simple "if others can do it, then you should be able to do it!" , in other words, they expect the same from you as from Zalando.   

Since Magento is based on open source code and is API-driven, you have the necessary flexibility to be able to meet those expectations, regardless of what the competitor is doing. 


The pace of development 

The fact that Magento has Adobe, one of the world's largest software companies as owners, is a big advantage, but not unique. Several competing platforms have solid owners who, like Adobe, invest heavily in innovation and development. 

What makes Magento unique is the combination of the ownership of Adobe and the fact that Magento is the world's largest e-commerce ecosystem.   

With more than 360,000 developers globally, 1100+ partners like PearlConvert and 5400+ extensions available on the Magento Marketplace from third parties (think app store), the pace of development and expertise available is truly something for itself. 



The advantage of the solution being Open Source is the flexibility it gives you, and the fact that it is API-based makes it easy for third parties to connect their services with Magento. When you combine these technological advantages, you have an ecommerce platform that is not only competitive today, but will also lead the development in the future. 


Independent of market or industry 

For players who have an international presence, have several online stores or focus on both B2C and B2B, Magento is an excellent choice because you can handle all countries, concepts or markets from the same platform. 



Magento gives you who run a smaller company the opportunity to start with a platform that you can scale your business with as you grow in the years to come. If you set very high demands on scalability right from the start, then you should consider Adobe Commerce. 

Local anchoring 

There are many competitive ecommerce platforms on the market, but there are significantly fewer that have a local and broadly rooted position in Norway. The fact that several of Norway's leading agencies in digital commerce have chosen Magento as their preferred platform and built up expertise in the area for 10+ years makes the big difference for many when evaluating the opportunities in the market. 


All recognized ecommerce platforms have their strengths, it would be naive of us to say that Magento is superior in all aspects of digital commerce. We believe it is about the totality of a choice and the opportunity to reduce potential risk that makes so many choose Magento. 

The advantage lies in knowledge 


Two companies that choose the same ecommerce platform, but different agencies can achieve very different results. Many forget that the technology itself does not create results, it is the people and the knowledge that do.   

PearlConvert is one of the first agencies in Norway to start development on Magento 2, we are one of only two Adobe Gold Partners in the country and because we have the trust of and have been challenged by several of the best companies in digital commerce already, you can feel assured that we can also help you. Read more about our customers here.

"PearlConvert is a major player in delivering highly successful eCommerce projects on Adobe Commerce Cloud in the Norwegian market. Our strategic partnership has time and time again proven valuable to our joint customers as PearlConvert deliver cutting edge, high value projects with fast time to market on our platform."

- Erik Bergelin, Sales Director, Nordics & Benelux, Adobe Commerce

In short, Magento Open Source gives you 


  • The market leader in e-commerce 

  • High rate of development 

  • Access to the world's largest e-commerce ecosystem 

  • Open source code gives you complete freedom to tailor the solution 

  • Full control over UX 

  • API that allows you to integrate with what you want 

  • No lock-in, you have the option to change agencies 

  • Scalability 

  • Future-proof 

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