SAP Commerce Cloud

For a number of years, SAP Commerce Cloud has been ranked as the market-leading e-commerce platform by renowned Gartner, and is a cloud-based headless platform that supports everything you need to deliver truly great customer experiences across channels. Over the years, SAP Commerce Cloud has gained a large global footprint and is one of the few e-commerce platforms that supports B2C, B2B, D2C or a mix of these in one and the same platform.

A platform for industry leaders, from a industry leader


SAP's slogan "The best run SAP" gives an indication of where the list lies with this platform. This is the platform for you who have a large digital turnover, or plan to take market shares in the future.

SAP Commerce Cloud is built to support multiple types of business, and is one of the few platforms that supports B2C, B2B, B2C2B or D2C. Combine this with the fact that it supports multiple locations, currencies and online stores and it should do well to find technological limitations in any expansion plans you may have for the future.

In contrast to many cloud-based products, SAP Commerce Cloud is very configuration-friendly, and one can in theory expand the platform to support any requirement beyond what is already available as standard. This means that the possibilities are endless.

Whats the secret behind SAP Commerce success? 



In terms of critical mass, many people look for what other competitors and market leaders are doing and this helps shape their own choices. SAP Commerce Cloud is today one of the most widespread e-commerce platforms among larger companies within B2B and B2C. This in itself is a security in the form of the product being robust, well-tested and one of the platforms through which the most turnover goes to date.



Few others can match the toolbox you get with SAP Commerce. Some of the main areas that should be mentioned are a solid PIM, personalization of searches through Adaptive Search, Smart-Edit CMS with WISIWYG Editor and the Assisted service module to act on behalf of the customer in buying and selling.

SAP Commerce gives you all the strategic tools you need to succeed with digital commerce in one and the same platform.



Did we mention PIM? This part of SAP Commerce is so strong that it deserves a section of its own. SAP Commerce's built-in PIM competes with separate stand-alone PIM systems in terms of functionality, and saves you from costly integrations between PIM and the Commerce platform.

In addition to reducing complexity in architecture, the PIM module comes with support for roles, workflow, reporting, data quality coverage and a flexible data model. Overall, you get an incredibly strong and competent PIM system in the package when you choose SAP Commerce Cloud


Integrations with other SAP products

The ecosystem of SAP consists of several components such as S/4 Hana ERP system, SAP sales and service cloud and Emarsys marketing tools. SAP's roadmap includes the standardization of integrations between these products to ensure that you get up and running as quickly as possible in this ecosystem. If you already have SAP products in your portfolio and are going to invest in digital commerce, you should definitely take a closer look at SAP commerce Cloud and the advantages this provides compared to third-party platforms.


Flexibility and scalability 

SAP Commerce Cloud is delivered as a PaaS (Platform as a service) and is considered by many to be the perfect compromise between previous On-premise and SaaS (Software as a Service). In short, you take with you the advantages of scalability in the SaaS model, and the flexibility to configure and develop from the On-prem model.

So with SAP Commerce you will be able to scale as traffic grows, while at the same time having the freedom to develop and differentiate yourself from the competition through the flexibility PaaS gives you.


More than bits and bytes

Two companies that choose the same ecommerce platform, but different agencies can achieve very different results. Many forget that the technology itself does not create results, it is the people and the knowledge that do.

PearlConvert is one of the first agencies in Norway to start development on SAP Commerce Cloud, and we are today the largest SAP Partner in the Nordics. In addition to this, we have been named SAP's best partner a number of times in both Norway and the Nordic region in recent years.

SAP Commerce Cloud gives you

  • Feature rich platform out of the box 

  • Ready for Headless architecture, use your own storefront or leverage the open source framework Spartacus 

  • Pre-built integrations with a range of other SAP products 

  •  One of the best PIM-systems on the market

  •  Scalability in the cloud as PaaS 

  •  Supports B2C, B2B, B2B2C, D2C in one platform

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