Flow, Integration and Service Platform

Development and digitization are moving faster than ever. If you want to deliver digital trading experiences that exceed the customer's expectations, you need the right foundation. With an integration and service platform, the prerequisites are in place to be able to quickly offer new services and user experiences.

Composable Commerce is the new norm

No e-commerce platform alone is sufficient to create the best customer experiences. Instead, we need an architecture that supports a best-of-breed strategy that allows us to pick the systems and tools that are most suitable for a given task, and that allows us to replace solutions when we need to.   

Read more about Headless commerce, MACH architecture and Composable commerce.

Traditionally, both services and data in the company have lived in silos. Data has often been duplicated, often with slightly different quality and image of reality. In addition, it has typically been difficult to access.   

If you want to keep up with the changes, it is essential to implement a platform strategy and an architecture that makes the company's data and services available in a good way. An architecture that allows you to utilize the data the company is sitting on, use best-of-breed services or create the user experiences that customers want, without starting from scratch each time. 


Since 2016, Convert has developed and managed Flow, a platform for integration and services tailored for e-commerce. The platform is used by almost all of our customers.   

With Flow, we help you make your company's data available for internal and external solutions, common examples can be customer info, products, stock or sales history, but the solution is adapted to your company's needs.   

Flow allows us to build services that support the company's functions in all channels. Should the chatbot be able to place an order? Or does the supplier send you updated inventory figures automatically? Then you need an architecture that supports it.   

In addition to the opportunities created by having an integration- and service platform as a central component of the solution architecture, Flow covers "all the boring stuff" that you would rather just take for granted:   

The solution is delivered as Platform-as-a-Service, PearlConvert therefore takes responsibility for the operation. This means that the platform is actively managed, scalable and monitored by our integration team who have access to services that ensure scalability and stability, such as logging, queuing system and monitoring.   

The platform is API-driven, so you have the flexibility to not only use existing integrations developed by PearlConvert, but can change and implement exactly the services you want as part of a best-of-breed strategy. 


A modern architecture for digital commerce:


  • We help you build a composable commerce architecture
  • Free up your company's data and services and create the best experiences
  • Flow allows us to create robust integrations and services, internally and externally
  • With Platform-as-a-Service, we take care of the operation
  • API driven
  • Facilitates best-of-breed strategy

Here are some of our Flow integrations: 

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